Our Mission:

To extend the usable life of pipeline networks through tech-based solutions.

SensPipe analyses a significant range of factors to give pipeline owners a better understanding of which pipes are most at risk, and the best and most efficient way of repairing / replacing them
Our solution reduces costs and is an environmentally very efficient way to achieve what pipeowners have been searching for.
A game changer for the industry!

We will

Make more information usable for pipeline owners. This concerns informationfromservices in flushing, pipe inspection, digging and trenchless methods. It affects both information delivery and interpretation of data. A bonus is increased understanding between the professions.

Reduce costs!
Pipeline owners already have access to a lot of data, but much is not used. More and better input gives better output, but it needs to be systematized.

Systematize data processing
: Better basis for decisions and prioritization of which pipes should be inspected and possibly repaired. A good pipe inspector reports what they see and only what they see. We put this together with more data and experience from both the municipality and the contractor, all to optimize both costs and carbon footprint.


Anders Martin Moe

Extensive experience with project management, sales, business development, engineering services and technical consultancy in several different areas and to a varied spectrum of customers within maritime, offshore, oil and gas, land-based industry and land-based transport.

Carl Christian Sibbern

Visionary strategist with a track record of creating success. Long experience from the energy-  and water industry. Has created teams that have built beacons within VA. These are sailed for decades later. Innovative and with a rare ability for quick implementation.

Val Sibbern

Partner, project manager, copywriter in several agencies. The collaboration with world-leading players within R&D in the water industry, including for the rehabilitation of district heating pipes. Involvement in SSTT and large contact network in the VA industry in Europe.




Sustainability and economy

There must be economic sustainability to achieve a green shift. The time for greenwashing should be over, it must pay to invest in sustainability. Click on a symbol below to see for yourself:

Ensuring sustainable water management, access to water and sanitation for all

Clean water is fundamental to our health and quality of life. Water is a big part of our daily lives. The water and wastewater network is our home turf.

Ensuring access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy at an affordable price for all

There are many similarities between the energy and water industries. District heating and hydropower are examples of energy production where the lifetime costs of the pipeline network are of great importance.

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all

We support efforts to ensure that all professionals in the water industry receive relevant certificates and the recognition they deserve.

Building solid infrastructure and promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation

We use both new and known technologies for a more efficient management of the water and sewage network and thus sustainable use of resources in the whole chain from the water reservoir to the treatment plants.

Making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Water and wastewater networks are the invisible infrastructure where roads, buildings and railways are the visible ones. We work for the hidden utility service that everyone takes for granted.

Conserve and use the ocean and marine resources in a way that promotes sustainable development

Reducing discharges from the wastewater network is directly linked to improving marine environments. Mapping and repairing leaks is a prerequisite for fjord life. Our experience is linked to Scandinavian fjords, but the ocean is big...

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems, ensure sustainable forest management, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

The water industry's management of the water network affects all ecosystems. Improved knowledge of the state of the network, effective management and environmentally sound prioritization is a prerequisite for life on land.

Strengthen the instruments needed to implement the work and renew global partnerships for sustainable development

The water industry is a global network, with some of us working across sectors. New knowledge in energy, water, wastewater, process industries and research must be incorporated into tomorrow's decisions - all for sustainable development.


Senspipe provides specific recommendations on priorities and measures on the pipeline network, such as flushing, pipe inspection, leak testing, manhole work, repair or replacement. We say something about timeframes and how other planning work may affect this. Our proposed decisions incorporate the vast practical knowledge of local contractors, our partners and our network. This is expertise that is currently underutilized.

Best practices from the trench are coordinated with other relevant information to make the best possible decision on each pipeline route.

Costs and carbon footprint presented at the same time, increases the relevance for decision-makers.

National security authorities in the EU and North America are demanding greater focus on ownership of this type of data. Senspipe is the tool that takes care of this.  

Senspipe represents a unique combination of knowledge about costs, practical experience and what is relevant information for decision makers among pipeline owners.

Senspipe will be essential for the optimal operation, safety, security, water supply, health and development of national infrastructures.

Senspipe coordinates information for the individual pipeline section, for use by the functions that the pipeline owner may want; own departments, consultants and/or contractors. Senspipe is thus relevant for budget work, political decisions, etc.

Senspipe is finding its final digital format in pilot projects with selected stakeholders.

Our vision is that new knowledge, new forces and new technologies see and exploit the amazing resources that exist in local experience, and vice versa. In the water sector, there is too little capacity to address the challenges (the backlog). The best possible coordination towards the goal of reducing leakages becomes a prerequisite.

Savings can be achieved by efficient interpretation of relevant inputs, be it pipe materials, geology, municipal plans, pipe inspection reports (CCTV) and so on. In the space of possibilities between different systems for data collection and archiving, SensPipe will assist in better decision making. Valuable insights of municipal expertise and industry contractors can be increased and secured for posterity by the right digital approach.

The expert communities/groups in Scandinavia are available. We can cooperate with - or recommend - various actors to ensure that such experience on the pipeline network will benefit the pipeline owners. Be it interpretation, design, modeling, methods or execution. There is a lot of useful experience out there...

Open platforms where ownership of data is known and defined is a prerequisite for our participation; we consider that pipeline owners themselves should own their own data. The history of GDPR, health, research and security motives is relevant to our position on this. Our business motivation is to create a tool that attracts future employees, customers and other stakeholders to the joint development of SensPipe.


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